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Our Services

Over the years, as we have been approached by customers for all types of different shapes and sizes, and custom products, we have developed a full range of partners to provide custom services for:

Forging: We regularly have inquiries for non-standard pieces and sometimes forging is a good option to produce non-standard pieces that cannot be produced by other means.

Laser Cutting: We work with many customers in electronic and other high tech applications where exact sizes are critical to their applications. In the case of especially small cuts, laser cutting may be the right processing since we can do many multiples to produce exact pieces from foil and sheets of any designs.


Machining: We offer Machining services to produce custom parts for any quantity of single pieces to many multiples. Our machining partner has a full CNC machine, milling, grinding, and milling capabilities, and we can work with CAD/CAM drawings to do a full range of custom machining of High Purity Aluminum. 

Rolling: While common aluminum alloys such as 3003, 5052, and 6061 are produced in commercial rolling mills, High Purity Aluminum sheets and plates are rarely produced in commercial quantities since the production quantities are much smaller and generally not commercially possible. We have rolling partners who will do custom rolling for any size order and we can roll thicknesses from 0.002” up to 2” thick plates. Rolling will improve grain structure, and we normally grind plate surface to 64 to 32 RA surface finish. 

Slitting and Cutting to Length: We have Slitting capabilities to turn larger Coils into smaller coils for Foil, Sheet, or Plate, or producing Cut to Length Sheets and Plates. We can produce custom coils for thicknesses from 0.002” up to 0.25” thicknesses. We can produce wide coils up to 42” widths, or as narrow as 0.65” widths, with ID’s of 1” to 12” diameters. Cut to Length options include Paper Interleaves.

Waterjet Cutting: For most of our High Purity Aluminum plates, we are using waterjet cutting to produce clean edges for each plate, and we have the capability to cut out an assortment of shapes and sizes for specialized applications. 

Send us any inquiry at and we enjoy challenges of meeting each customer inquiry. In the world of High Purity Aluminum, we believe we offer the fullest range of options for all purities, shapes and sizes.