Pellets - Slugs - Shot

Laurand Associates specializes in Aluminum Evaporation Materials, such as Pellets (also known as Slugs) and Shot for thin film coating with Vacuum deposition, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition,) and Electron Beam deposition processes, and sapphire applications.

Our High Purity Pellets are produced by cutting rods of various thicknesses into specific lengths, which are then cleaned with hydrofluoric (HF) solution (about 2%), then washed several times with deionized water before drying. This process produces a consistent size and purity without any contamination. These high purity rods (5N to 6N) are all produced in directional solidification in vacuum to ensure the highest purity products. Pellets are available in 4N6, 5N, 5N5, and 6N purities.

Shot is produced by dropping molten aluminum through a screen into water for cooling in specific sizes, and while the shape is generally similar, it is not as consistent as Pellets. Shot is produced in 4N and 4N6 purities, and is generally used for commercial applications due to cost competitiveness.

HP PelletsHP Pellets2

*Other sizes and lengths are available upon request

All Shot/Pellets are vacuum packed to protect from contamination, and shipped with analysis certificates.  For Super High Purity products (5N to 6N), we provide Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer (GDMS) analysis certificates which report trace elements in parts per million (ppm) and in some cases, parts per billion (ppb.)


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