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Laurand maintains inventory of a wide array of purities and sizes for High Purity Aluminum Foil, Sheet, and Plate for 4N, 4N6, 5N, 5N5, and 6N purities.  We can supply both commercial quantities as well as research quantities down to one piece.  Commercial orders can be made for specific sizes since we can slit and cut to length coils for custom sizes.

Research Quantities – Purities – 4N, 4N6, 5N, 5N5, and 6N (no minimums):

We specialize in working with customers to provide unique and custom sizes and coil sizes.  We have rerollers and slitters with whom we work to meet the exacting requirements of our many customers in electronic, chemical, and other specialty applications.

Foil – Thickness – 0.0012” to 0.02”, Width – up to 8”, Available in Cut Lengths or in Coils

Sheet – Thickness – 0.025” to 0.10”, Width – up to 12”

Plate – Thickness – 0.125” to 2”, Width – up to 20”, Lengths – up to 48”

Commercial Quantities – Purities – 4N and 4N6 (minimum quantities will apply):

Foil – Thickness – 0.004” to 0.02”, Widths – up to 19.7”, Coils – up to 660 lbs each

Sheet/Plate – Thickness – 0.025” to 0.25”, Widths – up to 22.25”, Lengths – up to 110”


We can supply 4N and 4N6 Coils in 0.125” and 0.25” Thickness x 22.25” Widths in large Coils, approx. 4,400 lbs each coil.  We can process these coils by slitting and cutting to length to provide custom widths and/or lengths, depending on requirements.  Additionally, we can supply foil and sheet coils in widths up to 44” for larger commercial orders.

Let us know how we can work with you to develop a supply program for your high purity needs.

HP PlateSHP - Sheet - Plate

*Other sizes and lengths are available upon request

Foil, Sheet and Plate (research orders) are vacuum packed to protect from contamination.  All orders are shipped with analysis certificates.  For Super High Purity products (5N to 6N), we provide Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer (GDMS) analysis certificates which report trace elements in parts per million (ppm) and in some cases, parts per billion (ppb.)


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