Disks (Sputtering Targets)

Laurand Associates specializes in Aluminum Sputtering Targets for PVD (physical vapor deposition) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition) for thin film, optic, and electronic applications.  Because we focus on aluminum products, we are able to offer low cost products.

Laurand maintains a broad range of Disks (Circles) as well as other shapes in thicknesses (up to 1.5”) and sizes (diameters up to 16” and lengths of any size) for prompt shipment, and we are able to produce larger sizes with short lead-times.  Our purity levels for Disks range from 4N (99.99%) up to 5N5 (99.9995%), as well as Aluminum Silicon - AlSi (99/1%).  Our super high purity Disks (5N and higher) are produced using directional solidification in vacuum, not cast.  This prevents inclusions from entering the metal, and this enables us to maintain the highest purities in our products.

HP DisksHP Disks3

*Other sizes and lengths are available upon request

All Disks are vacuum packed to protect from contamination, and shipped with analysis certificates.  For Super High Purity products (5N to 6N), we provide Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer (GDMS) analysis certificates which report trace elements in parts per million (ppm) and in some cases, parts per billion (ppb.)

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