Billet - Ingot - Block

Laurand maintains a large inventory of High Purity Aluminum Billet and Ingot in 4N, 4N6, 4N8, 5N, 5N5, and 6N purities. We can also produce some custom alloys for 4N purity such as Aluminum Silicon - AlSi (99/1%) as well as other custom combinations.


Ingot (open mold ingots) – typically 22 to 30 lb each – Available Purities – 4N, 4N6 and 4N8

Ingots (continuous cast) – Typically 35 lb each – Available Purities – 5N, 5N5, and 6N

Small Ingots (open mold ingots) – available in 4 lb ingot size – Available Purity – 4N 


High Purity Billet – available in Diameters – 7" and 8", Lengths up to 90" – Available Purities – 4N and 4N6

Super High Purity Billet – available in Diameters – 5.9" (150 mm) and 7" (180 mm), Lengths – 13.75" - Available Purities - 5N, 5N5 and 6N

Other sizes and lengths are available upon request


Laurand is able to produce a variety of custom shapes, such as Blocks of various widths, heights, and lengths, in 4N, 4N6, 5N, and 5N5 purities.  Lead-times and pricing depend on specific requirements as well as quantity of order.

We keep various sizes in stock, such as the following typical stock block sizes are:

*6.75” Thickness x 6.75” Width and 7” Length        *3.5” Thickness x 7” Width x 15” Length

*6.5” Thickness x 6.5” Width x 8” Length                *4” Thickness x 8” Width x 24” Length

*1.2” Thickness x 8.5” Width x 9.25” Length


Please let us know how we can help you with your requirements.

 billet smallHP-Billesmallpng

*Other sizes and lengths are available upon request

All Ingot and Billet is shipped with analysis certificates. For Super High Purity products (5N to 6N), we provide Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer (GDMS) analysis certificates which report trace elements in parts per million (ppm) and in some cases, parts per billion (ppb.)


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